Map block

After creating maps, it is possible to display them apart or inside a block. This functionality makes possible to group maps, increasing your post organization.

Displaying a map apart

When creating a new post, note that is available a new block category: JEO.

JEO block

Selecting JEO Map block, you can search for any map you've created.

JEO block - Search Bar

With a map selected, you are able to choose an optional alignment (Left, Right, Centre, Wide Width or Full Width). Centre is the standard alignment.

Map Alignment


Map Alignment - Left

Map Alignment - Right

Wide Width

Map Alignment - Wide Width

Full Width

Map Alignment - Full Width

Displaying grouped maps

Besides the alignment option, there's also a group functionality available to arrange maps.


Visualizing a map into a post

If your map has more than one layer, you can swap them and select which one do you want to see, depending on the map layer settings. Check out more about map layers here

Swapping layers - Example 1

Swapping layers - Example 2