JEO Plugin

The JEO plugin acts as a geojournalism platform that allows news organizations, bloggers and NGOs to publish news stories as layers of information on digital maps. With JEO, creating the interaction between data layers and contextual information is intuitive and interactive.

You can post geotagged stories and create richly designed pages for each one of the featured stories. At the same time, by simply imputing the ids of layers hosted on MapBox, you can manage sophisticated maps without losing performance, add legends directly with HTML and set the map parameters. All direct at the WordPress dashboard.


  • MapBox maps
  • ReactMapBoxGL library
  • Custom tile layers
  • Layer filtering options, allowing you to mix tile layer.
  • Geocoding WordPress posts using OpenStreetMaps (Nominatim), suporting the post type Post.
  • Customizable marker icons that can be associated to categories, custom taxonomies or posts directly.
  • Map markers query integrated to posts query.
  • Support WPML and Polylang multilanguages plugins

User tutorials

Getting started




Story Map


Developer documentation


Differences between the old and the present JEO